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Charcuterie Boards

Below you will see examples of some of the Charcuterie boards I have made. There are lots of colors to choose from. Charcuterie Boards start at $175.00 for 10"x18'x1.125" thick. I make 2 standard sizes which are 10"x18" or 12"x24". 12"x24" start at $225.00. You can add handles, holes for hanging, custom engraving with epoxy inlays or maybe you have an idea of something else. 

"Silver Pearl" Charcuterie Board

Silver Pearl Charcuterie Board.jpg

"Emerald Green" Charcuterie Board

Emerald Green Charcuterie Board.jpg

"Lux Turquoise" Charcuterie Board

Lux Turquois Charcuterie Board.jpg

"The Great Lakes" Charcuterie Board

The Great Lakes Charcuterie Board.jpg

"Merlot" Charcuterie Board

Merlot Charcuterie Board.jpg

"Baku Red" Charcuterie Board

Bacu Red Charcuterie Board.jpg
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